Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do the package hours include set up and break down town or is that just the amount of party hours?
A: The package hours are strictly for partying! We arrive an hour before the event - sometimes sooner. We like to set up before guests arrive. If we are set up before it’s time for the booth to open, we will leave and come back. When your package time ends, we will ask you if you whether or not you want us to stay.  If you want us to stay, and we don't have another event to go to, each additional hour is $145.

Q: What does unlimited prints mean?
A: That means if 15 of your friends fit into the photo, all 15 will get a print out of that photo.

Q: Can I choose between the traditional strips or the 4x6 print out?
A: Absolutely! It's all about preference, so you just let us know.

Q: Can we add text or a graphic to the print out?
A: Yes! Our Event Coordinator will be in contact with you to get all the deets from you.  You will be sent a draft of the print for changes and approval.

Q: Is there a travel fee?
A: We travel from the Bay area to Reno/Tahoe and everywhere in between at no extra cost. Photo boothing is just our jam.

Q: Do you have any other backdrops?
A: We just added our rustic wall backdrop to our sequin curtain backdrops. It has a gray stain on one side and painted white on the other side. We can embellish it to match the vibe of your wedding. We are also currently working on a boxwood backdrop and a delicate vows painted on paper backdrop. We are also open to ideas, if we can transport it, we are not opposed to making it happen!

Q: Will someone always be manning the booth?
A: Yes, there will always be at least one attendant present during your event.  For events with 200+ guests or if a memory book was ordered, there will always be two attendants present.